The Good Lobby Tracker : présentation officielle (5 octobre 2023)

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The Good Lobby officially launched The Good Lobby Tracker: the first attempt at comprehensively assessing all initiatives – from sustainability frameworks to ESG data and ratings providers – that aim to collect information on corporate political conduct.

Developed by Professor Alberto Alemanno, the applied research project is supported by the Porticus Foundation and is designed to help investors, civil society advocates, regulators and other stakeholders identify best practices when assessing the political footprint of companies.

The big picture shows that despite nascent best practices, disclosure of political activities remains a weak spot in ESG reporting, with the publication of lobbying and advocacy practices being the exception, not the norm. Yet the commitment to sustainable lobbying practices is emerging as the new frontier in sustainability reporting, and standards must be adapted accordingly.

The Good Lobby Tracker scores the world’s largest ESG data and ratings providers and other initiatives based on the quality of the political activity data they collect on companies.

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